Why Don’t Young People Come to Church

Young people don’t come to church for a number of reasons and the main one is that they find it a boring. For the most part, going to church is uninteresting for them. According to a survey done in 2010, youths think going to church is irrelevant to their lifestyle and they would rather hang out with friends, watch a movie or go to the mall on a Sunday; going to church also makes them feel sleepy and tired.

Some people who are aged 18 and above think that the economy is already too tight and the last thing that can ever give them answers to their problems is a church, but instead they hear public discourses that causes members of the congregation to stumble spiritually. A 22-year old stated on her blog entry that there were times when the pastor would give a talk about money behind the church lecterns and one a Sunday, he had the audacity to mention in his sermon that people can lose their salvation if the offering they give wasn’t large enough to buy the church the best folding tables and chairs. She ranted about how most people were having problems with debt and are sacrificing a lot to heartily give a small amount of money to the church which should be going to the bills and other important needs.

In the time of elections, the Evangelical church becomes more political and brethren who youths thought are someone they look up to have tactlessly bashed another person’s political beliefs simply because they were supporting another party. This can disappoint young members of the church and turn them away maybe for the rest of their lives. There are also others who have left a church because it was either too Republican or too Democrat, depending on what type of conversations they overheard. Politics should not belong inside the church because it is one of the things that is killing the modern American church.

This isn’t the case for every person, though. Those who have been trained by spiritually mature parents want to learn about God and get to know him better. Going to church is like visiting a friend where they can gain more knowledge about what the bible foretells and the lessons that can be learned from Christians who have lived before and during Jesus Christ’s existence. Older members of the church can help prevent young people from being disappointed by constantly discussing the bible with them. No church is perfect because we all live in an imperfect world. What’s important is that we please the almighty and go to church to listen to His instructions for us to have a better life.